2018 27/Mar

Anyone who has thought even a little about their own health, is aware of the ill-effects of sugar. Specially, the refined sugar, the white sugar or its relatively innocuous cousin, the so called ‘brown sugar’. Curtailing sugar consumption is essential for any weight-loss program. I have a sweet tooth from childhood. The sugar problem was […]

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2018 9/Mar

Meditating and cleaning your mind are the same things. Cleaning your mind begins with meditation and continues till your mind is perfectly clean. A perfectly clean mind is also ‘No Mind’. In yoga, it is referred to as Samadhi. However, before even talking about Samadhi, one must start meditating. First steps in meditation are like […]

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2018 8/Feb

Traditionally, the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing has been considered as something to be done outside of workplace. This notion is resulting into a sub-optimally productive work culture. Modern corporations need to start thinking of ways to integrate the wellbeing of their employees into their work schedule. They need to emphasise the importance of having […]

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2018 1/Feb
Image of a must read book with coffee

My personal favourite must read books that I tell youngsters to read are listed herewith. I have had the pleasure of mentoring and coaching many young people (in 20s) and their feedback on these books has further cemented my belief in their motivational power: The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason – The reason […]

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