Ashutosh Mishra

Join me in this journey to attain lasting peace and happiness. Here, I wish to share experiences and simple ways to enhance your happiness, well being and quality of life.  My published self help book “Happiness is All We Want! is an endeavor in this direction.

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Happiness Is All We Want by Ashutosh  Mishra

Happiness Is All We Want

by Ashutosh Mishra

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A practical guide to Happiness !!!

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The book addresses a very pertinent topic that most of the readers could relate to and aspire for in their lives. The book presents various aspects of Mental, Physical & Spiritual wellness in a very effective and easily understandable way. The book is filled with various practical tips which can be easily followed by the readers to accomplish a higher degree of overall wellness. My personal favourites are Tech Traps covered across the book which have become integral part of our lives but can be avoided if we put conscious effort to eliminate them using some of the techniques mentioned in here. This book should be treated more as a practical guide to achieve an overarching objective of greater happiness which comes from within when one assumes the state of Mental, Physical & Spiritual well being.

Happiness delivered in a great way!

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Excellent Book. Great Read. Must read for everyone. Puts a lot of things in perspective and offers great insights into how to tame our mind and body. Very well written in a simple, catchy, lucid style. Offers comprehensive practical plan to manage your life to deliver maximum buck with peace of mind. You are sure to discover a lot of things about your thought process and well being through this book.

Really Great Book. Loved it all the way

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Really great book. The author's style and structure in presenting each aspect of achieving happiness is a unique and very appealing way. Use of personal anecdotes by the author makes it very easy to relate to similar things in our day-to-day life and makes us feel that achieving happiness and leading a fulfilling is not so difficult after all. Eagerly looking forward to the next book from this author

Worth reading!! I loved this book.

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Being happy is a state of mind and absolutely it begins from you. This book touches many aspects of life. Good things where I fell in love with this book is how a person travels his lifelong journey to pursue happiness in every mode of energy and livelihood. It is very motivating and a thought provoking one which is certainly going to add value in my life as well. Moreover I would strongly recommend to read once for any age-group as it's truly a bliss for everyone. Ashutosh Mishra Sir respect for you!! The way you have used personal illustrations, simple explanations, and happiness to be successful is fantastic. And yes the way you have described the monkey, donkey and horses as characters are indeed a fun in its own way. It caught my attention undoubtedly. Never-the-less it helped me to have a different view of life!!