2018 30/Aug

I was asked on Quora – How do I rebuild my life after getting ruined almost fully due to a bad marriage? This question rings a bell with lot of people who suffered due to a bad marriage, financial losses or another catastrophic failure.  Many of us get too focussed on something that we know […]

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2018 27/Mar

Anyone who has thought even a little about their own health, is aware of the ill-effects of sugar. Specially, the refined sugar, the white sugar or its relatively innocuous cousin, the so called ‘brown sugar’. Curtailing sugar consumption is essential for any weight-loss program. I have a sweet tooth from childhood. The sugar problem was […]

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2018 9/Mar

Meditating and cleaning your mind are the same things. Cleaning your mind begins with meditation and continues till your mind is perfectly clean. A perfectly clean mind is also ‘No Mind’. In yoga, it is referred to as Samadhi. However, before even talking about Samadhi, one must start meditating. First steps in meditation are like […]

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