2017 4/May
Image of children playing football which is a good extracurricular activity for children

Today’s middle class parents are facing a severe problem of plenty when it comes to extracurricular activities for their children aged 3 to 13. There are all kinds of classes on offer. Some are offered within the school and others outside.   These classes are for activities like reading, writing, speech, drama, elocution, dance, drawing, […]

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2017 24/Apr
Image of a couple geting engaged and how parent must not interfere after marriage

This question is especially relevant in an Indian context. Parents in our society are notorious for maintaining a tight leash on children, even after they have left home or they get married. Today’s parents apparently work hard and try to provide the best for their children. If you think about it, it was always true. […]

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2017 14/Apr
Image of an employee in stress

Recently, a few professionals and managers contacted me through my blog ( They are experiencing severe stress in life as the company has put them into a new role or function. They don’t seem to have any experience in dealing with the demands of the new job.   One person shared that she is feeling […]

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2017 4/Apr
Image of women running in olympics symbolising how we deal with day to day activities without caring for our wellbeing

Great news, isn’t it? You are participating in Olympics today.   Yes, that’s true. If I look at my routine on a typical day, it involves so many activities that I never thought I will be able to do in one day. And I don’t consider myself a great time manager. Many of you must […]

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2017 21/Mar
Image of a married life couple holding hands

When I wanted to start investing in real estate back in the year 2002, one of my mentors advised,’ real estate investment is about three things – Location, Location, Location!’ Similarly, when it comes to living a married life, it’s all about communication, communication, communication. I am not even talking about a happy or an […]

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