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2018 13/Jan
A couple trying to figure out a happy married life

Foundation of a happy married life is the process of two-way communication. And this process needs to be healthy. As part of a healthy two-way communication, giving and receiving feedback is inevitable but how you do it can make or break your marriage.   Giving and receiving feedback can be a tricky affair. Whether it […]

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2018 3/Jan
A couple talking to each other and avoiding comparison with other spouses to have a happy marriage

If you are looking for a secret to the mythical creature called “happy marriage”, read on. Comparing ourselves, our situation, our achievements and our belongings with others is a regular phenomenon. From the time we attain senses and go to school, comparisons of many kinds are either enforced by society or arise naturally.   Indeed, […]

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2017 3/Jul
Images of a newly married woman at the brim of discrimination against women

The pre-marriage discrimination against young women that I talked about in my last post Discrimination Against Young Girls, continues after marriage. In fact, it becomes worse. After all, the societal biases are so well ingrained that the discrimination against women is apparent even in so called advanced families.   Riya was happy to be married to […]

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2017 24/Apr
Image of a couple geting engaged and how parent must not interfere after marriage

This question is especially relevant in an Indian context. Parents in our society are notorious for maintaining a tight leash on children, even after they have left home or they get married. Today’s parents apparently work hard and try to provide the best for their children. If you think about it, it was always true. […]

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