2018 / 27 July

How to overcome depression for Youngsters

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A Young Man wondering about how to overcome depression

I found this question, “How to overcome depression?”, so relevant that I also put up this answer on my YouTube channel. Watch it here:


Someone asked me this question:

I am 22 and I feel stuck in life. I don’t know what I want. What should I do?

My answer is as follows:

There are too many people, of all ages, who feel like this.

Not everybody is brave enough to admit it, like you have done. Feel good about it.

It is not easy to know what we really want. Very often we think that we want something. We run after it for a long time. When we get it, we realise that it is not what we actually wanted.

So, not knowing what you want is not a big problem.

But you must keep doing what you are supposed to do everyday. For example, if you are a student, you are supposed to study. If you are a waiter, you must serve your customers.

You may feel that it is not what you really want or want to do. No problem. Keep looking for what you want or keep doing new things. It involves taking risks and that’s why majority of people are stuck doing what they are doing.

The problem happens when we stop doing what we are supposed to do and not do anything new as well. Do something. Not doing anything for a long time creates a vacuum. You know what happens when we create vacuum in a ball?

The ball gets depressed.

Same thing happens in humans. When we stop doing things, we get depressed and then it is a fast downward spiral into shrinks, drugs and so on.

So, how to overcome depression? Get up and do something. If you don’t have a job, do some exercise. If you have a job, just do it and think later.


Ashutosh Mishra - YouthCoach & Author

A seeker and explorer in the quest for lasting happiness, health and well-being. An MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur and a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Delhi. Has been a senior banker with large global banks like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and ANZ Bank. Working in these demanding global institutions with a gruelling schedule and plenty of business travel. Was fortunate to realise the importance of health and wellbeing early on. Learnt and practiced many wellbeing tools and techniques to focus on his own well-being while balancing the demands of a high-profile career and a lovely family.

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