2017 / 4 April

It’s Your Olympics Today!

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Image of women running in olympics symbolising how we deal with day to day activities without caring for our wellbeing

Great news, isn’t it? You are participating in Olympics today.


Yes, that’s true. If I look at my routine on a typical day, it involves so many activities that I never thought I will be able to do in one day. And I don’t consider myself a great time manager. Many of you must be achieving a lot more everyday. At the same time many of you may want to know whether it is possible to achieve more and how to do it?


My day today involved yoga, meditation, getting ready for work, spending the whole day time at office doing multiple tasks, writing this blog in the evening, getting my kids to study for their exams, spending time with my wife and of course sleeping after getting dead tired.


No doubt all this is possible with lot of support from my wife who gives me the time and space to do things that I must do on my own. She also takes care of multiple responsibilities like all household stuff, primary responsibility of kids before and after school in addition to her Image Consulting Business. On the other hand, its my endeavor to spend time with her discussing the events during the day, house related issues, time with kids and some ‘quality time’ before hitting the bed.


If we think about it, its nothing less than Olympics in its own right. Why only adults, even the teenagers and children are leading busy lives interspersed with so many roles and responsibilities.


All this takes a toll on our health and wellbeing. Hence, my objective is to always find time for my wellbeing related activities. These are meditation, yoga, reiki, gymming, running, swimming and walking to name a few. I have also developed an intense liking for writing blogs and books for last five years and this activity takes time too, but it is therapeutic for me. Right now, it is somewhere between a hobby and a profession. I would call it a serious hobby.


I want to share a few lessons that my wife and I are learning as we juggle through millions of tasks everyday like most of you:


  • There is time for everything. You may be surprised but actually there is time for everything; Everything important, that is. If you have decided that a particular activity is important for you to meet your life goals, there will be time for it. It is a mindset issue. We always hear – there is no time. And that’s what our subconscious mind believes. The first step is to start believing that there is time for everything. You just have to want it bad enough. You may want to take help of mind healing or controlling techniques to instill this belief in yourself at a deeper level. My prime technique is Meditation and Reiki for this purpose.


  • Goals. Objectives. Remember, I said there is time for everything if you want it bad enough. If you want something bad enough, it must be part of your dreams. What? You don’t have dreams? Oh, You have them but but you haven’t written them down. Don’t worry, you are the part of 99.99 percent of human population who don’t have written down dreams. You guessed it right, the rest of the people who actually write their dreams go on to achieve them. Very few achieve their dreams without writing but they are wizards and most of us are not. Writing your most cherished dreams helps you convert them into medium and short term goals. Having written goals with specific time frame helps you plan your activities on a daily basis. What you become over many years is a result of what you think and do everyday. If you don’t do the right thing day after day, there is no chance that you will realize your dreams within this lifetime.


  • Striking a Balance. I know many people who are superhumans and achieve a zillion times more than what I achieve. But there is one small problem. All their achievements pertain to only one sphere of their lives. Either they spend seventeen hours a day at work or they only run marathons round the year. Few are so dedicated to Vipassana or Iscon that their ninety percent time is spent in the related activities. It is fine if you are a self proclaimed hermit but for most people, balancing every sphere of life is important. Lopsided achievement in one or two areas of life will not give you a wholesome satisfaction. What you sacrifice in some areas may not be compensated by your extra performance elsewhere. If you have growing children, getting a super-achiever corporate award while not spending adequate time with the children is something you may not want to do.


  • Keeping things simple. Before you take up any activity or project, evaluate it closely to see if it fits into your dreams and goals. This is specially true for people who get involved in too many projects and realize that the balance of life has been upset. Keep the number of projects to a manageable level. Don’t make it so light as to become an underachiever but take up only as much as you can do justice to. As you improve your time management, you may be able to take up more. As an example, many couples with young children are tempted to send them for many extracurricular classes. The logic is that the child should try out as many as possible, so that he or she can figure out what they really want. To simplify things, one can do this sequentially. There is nothing wrong in trying cricket for an year and then moving on to soccer and so on. If the child shows promise in tennis, it can be continued for longer. But piling on multiple classes at the same time increases the headache for everyone.


  • Take care of your wellbeing. At first, you need to keep working on making yourself physically fit, mentally calm and spiritually aware. This is the core theme of my self help book – Happiness is All We Want! People get into the trap of believing that they will finish all other tasks and then take care of themselves. If you work the other way round, that is, take care of your wellbeing and then attack other responsibilities, the results will positively surprise you. Just start by allocating one full hour to your wellbeing. Learn many different techniques and exercises. Mix and match and change the routine everyday.


This will eventually set you on a path to win multiple gold medals in your own Olympics. Remember, in these Olyimpics you are your own competition!

 Happiness is All We Want!


Ashutosh Mishra - YouthCoach & Author

A seeker and explorer in the quest for lasting happiness, health and well-being. An MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur and a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Delhi. Has been a senior banker with large global banks like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and ANZ Bank. Working in these demanding global institutions with a gruelling schedule and plenty of business travel. Was fortunate to realise the importance of health and wellbeing early on. Learnt and practiced many wellbeing tools and techniques to focus on his own well-being while balancing the demands of a high-profile career and a lovely family.

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