2016 18/Jul

A young person in the middle of her career recently asked me this, “Shall I do an MBA to move ahead in my career?” The answer to this question could have been a straightforward – yes – ten years back. But not anymore. An MBA is considered a natural career move for early career professional […]

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2016 10/Jul

We are born with this question planted in our head. This is the biggest difference between human beings and other creatures. Even if all our physical needs are met, we are not happy. Most of us just think that increasing the magnitude of our needs and meeting them will lead to happiness. But as a […]

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2016 8/Jul

The one thing that I started doing long time back and which changed my life for the better is to spend time with myself. Our lives have a tendency to go on autopilot. With many demands of modern life and choc-a-block schedules, it is very easy to get lost in the race and lose the […]

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2016 6/Jul

A soldier named Hanamanthappa died at Siachen border defending the country’s border. And with him nine more brave-hearts made the supreme sacrifice when they were buried under 30 ft of snow when an avalanche hit them. They didn’t get a chance to ask – Why me? I just came home after watching the movie Neerja. […]

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2016 25/Jun

Enough has been said and done to disparage the ‘lethal’ combination of MBA and B.Tech. In today’s world of dot coms, startups, bloggers, photographers and wildlife photographers, the (now) traditional degree holders are made to feel that they are walking the rut and are really the losers. While the daredevils pursue their passions and adventures, […]

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2016 21/Jun

We have all heard the gyan about finding our true passion and then pursuing it. That way, the gurus say, the work won’t feel like work and we will get true happiness. But sadly, 99% of working professionals (I just made up that number but feels true!) are stuck with jobs that they must do […]

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