2018 15/Jan
Finlinea Healthwits Juice - Karela Juice, Jamun Juice and Aloe Vera Juice

How good are concentrated natural juices?   I was always told that eating fresh fruits or cooked vegetables is better. This is due to the fact that when you eat the whole fruit or vegetable, you get the roughage and the digestion works better. Some even believe that the nutrients get destroyed in the process […]

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2018 13/Jan
A couple trying to figure out a happy married life

Foundation of a happy married life is the process of two-way communication. And this process needs to be healthy. As part of a healthy two-way communication, giving and receiving feedback is inevitable but how you do it can make or break your marriage.   Giving and receiving feedback can be a tricky affair. Whether it […]

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2018 3/Jan
A couple talking to each other and avoiding comparison with other spouses to have a happy marriage

If you are looking for a secret to the mythical creature called “happy marriage”, read on. Comparing ourselves, our situation, our achievements and our belongings with others is a regular phenomenon. From the time we attain senses and go to school, comparisons of many kinds are either enforced by society or arise naturally.   Indeed, […]

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2017 28/Oct
Image of Elon Musk

During my recent vacation to the mountains in Himachal Pradesh, India, I had the pleasure of reading about Elon Musk. I can safely claim that if there is a superman alive today, it is Elon Musk. I have always followed news about him with great interest and consider him a true visionary. This is because […]

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2017 7/Oct
public speaking author of book happiness is all we want

First of all, let me clarify. I am not confident all the time during public speaking. Sometimes I am and sometimes I am not. So, what makes me confident at certain instances of public speaking? Preparation. Preparation. Preparation I gave a talk in front of 50 odd managers of a Multi-national company based on my […]

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