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2018 30/Aug

I was asked on Quora – How do I rebuild my life after getting ruined almost fully due to a bad marriage? This question rings a bell with lot of people who suffered due to a bad marriage, financial losses or another catastrophic failure.  Many of us get too focussed on something that we know […]

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2016 2/Sep

Depression seems to be the new fashionable item in town. Recently, a top actress shared her story on how she slipped into depression and then managed to come out of it. Obviously, this helped her stay on the front page of the lifestyle publications for a couple of weeks. However, if common people like you […]

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2016 10/Jul

We are born with this question planted in our head. This is the biggest difference between human beings and other creatures. Even if all our physical needs are met, we are not happy. Most of us just think that increasing the magnitude of our needs and meeting them will lead to happiness. But as a […]

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