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2016 4/Dec

So, today was a big day for the two biggest democracies of the world – US got Trump Sarkar and India got rid of piles of black money. There’s one word that describes both these events – Disruption. This word is in vogue these days but disruption can be unsettling. There are several technical disruptions […]

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2016 22/Oct

Just as it is important to know why should we live mindfully (5 Reasons to Live MIndfully), we need to know the examples of opposite kind. What is mindless living and what does it do to us? I have had the habit of observing the behaviour of people around me minutely. Maybe, all of us […]

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2016 28/Aug

Mindfulness is the new buzzword in town. I cover Mindfulness in great detail in my book – Happiness is All We Want!, but still I wish to share informally how to adopt mindfulness in our daily life. First of all, for the uninitiated, Mindfulness is the art of living in the present moment. Though it […]

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