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2018 13/Dec

The story of Kavita The whole of my life, I have looked for inspiration from the super-achievers. But after reading every biography of the super-heroes, somewhere you feel that they must have had extraordinary talent. Of course, hard work played a role but maybe I don’t have that talent. But for last few years, I […]

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2017 4/Sep
image of statues meditating

Recently, I witnessed couple of events that disturbed me profoundly. In my book, Happiness is All We Want, I talk about losing my grandparents one by one. Those losses forced me to think about the impermanence of this life.   But, in last couple of months, I saw two men in my age-group, early forties, […]

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2017 5/Aug
Image of a kid making bubbles symbolising how happiness is elusive without spiritual practice

Ever wondered why the peace and happiness that you are looking for is so elusive? Even if we are peaceful for some time, we are restless the next moment. This question let me to write the book – Happiness is All We Want! I realized that our peace and happiness is intricately linked with our […]

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2017 26/Jul
A road to happiness figuratively

So, as I mentioned in the last blogpost, How does Wellbeing affect Happiness?, we need to tweak our usual approach to life a bit in order to put our happiness first.   We have been taught right from childhood to set sky-high goals and go after achieving them with relentless pursuit. Then, when we achieve […]

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2017 14/Jul

Some people, when they hear about my book Happiness is All We Want!,  expect some kind of magic potion or formula on how to be happy. And they expect this formula to result in happiness or bliss straightaway. As soon as they have been through the first chapter, the picture is clear. The book does […]

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2017 4/Apr
Image of women running in olympics symbolising how we deal with day to day activities without caring for our wellbeing

Great news, isn’t it? You are participating in Olympics today.   Yes, that’s true. If I look at my routine on a typical day, it involves so many activities that I never thought I will be able to do in one day. And I don’t consider myself a great time manager. Many of you must […]

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2016 26/Nov

So far we have only heard the concept of work-life balance for working professionals. But If I look back to my engineering and MBA studies, I feel that a student is also an overworked donkey. The graduate and post-graduate programs derive their reputation from the amount of work they load onto the students. Yes, the […]

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2016 22/Nov

Happiness is All We Want!   We look for happiness everywhere. Inside and outside. Mostly we look for it outside. Sometimes we look for it inside ourselves as well. One of the simplest ways to experience peace and happiness it to give these to others in a selfless manner. If we make someone happy as a […]

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