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2017 4/Sep
image of statues meditating

Recently, I witnessed couple of events that disturbed me profoundly. In my book, Happiness is All We Want, I talk about losing my grandparents one by one. Those losses forced me to think about the impermanence of this life.   But, in last couple of months, I saw two men in my age-group, early forties, […]

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2017 15/Jun

Sounds interesting? When everyone is trying to make you push boundaries and do more exercise, here is a catchy headline that’s talking about ‘little exercise’. Let me put things in perspective before you build on your relief and joy. I am going to talk about optimum level of exercise in general and not for a […]

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2016 18/Oct

I stayed in a typical village house in Lawani in North Bihar recently for a few days. The house that we stayed in was built by our maternal grandfather in early eighties. His original house in the middle of the village was getting very congested due to the rapid expansion of the joint family. So […]

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