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2016 22/Nov

Happiness is All We Want!   We look for happiness everywhere. Inside and outside. Mostly we look for it outside. Sometimes we look for it inside ourselves as well. One of the simplest ways to experience peace and happiness it to give these to others in a selfless manner. If we make someone happy as a […]

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2016 22/Oct

Just as it is important to know why should we live mindfully (5 Reasons to Live MIndfully), we need to know the examples of opposite kind. What is mindless living and what does it do to us? I have had the habit of observing the behaviour of people around me minutely. Maybe, all of us […]

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2016 2/Sep

Depression seems to be the new fashionable item in town. Recently, a top actress shared her story on how she slipped into depression and then managed to come out of it. Obviously, this helped her stay on the front page of the lifestyle publications for a couple of weeks. However, if common people like you […]

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