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2017 5/Aug
Image of a kid making bubbles symbolising how happiness is elusive without spiritual practice

Ever wondered why the peace and happiness that you are looking for is so elusive? Even if we are peaceful for some time, we are restless the next moment. This question let me to write the book – Happiness is All We Want! I realized that our peace and happiness is intricately linked with our […]

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2017 15/Jun

Sounds interesting? When everyone is trying to make you push boundaries and do more exercise, here is a catchy headline that’s talking about ‘little exercise’. Let me put things in perspective before you build on your relief and joy. I am going to talk about optimum level of exercise in general and not for a […]

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2016 26/Nov

So far we have only heard the concept of work-life balance for working professionals. But If I look back to my engineering and MBA studies, I feel that a student is also an overworked donkey. The graduate and post-graduate programs derive their reputation from the amount of work they load onto the students. Yes, the […]

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2016 24/Sep

I don’t want to run today. Period. I woke up at six today, the Yoga class was cancelled, so decided to do meditation instead for half an hour. It is Saturday. But I still won’t go for a run today. After some relaxation, it was time to get ready to take kids for their extracurricular […]

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